What are you, book face?

"Yeah, since that's a popular social net-working site.."

So not to be a grump-face or anything, but Halloween was somewhat of an epic fail.
Which, by all means, is fine--for it was an EPIC failure; not simply a plain failure.
If you're gonna go down, go down brilliantly, right?

A list of proportionate events:
1) Driving home, someone tried to get into my car at a stoplight in the middle of
nowhere..uhhhhhh higoawayplease.
2) We went down a rather large inflatable-boucy-slide-thing. While proceeding to knock the little kids off the top so we could have our moment of fame. Cowards.
3) BRIE'S costume failed. We had this genius idea to be toothfairys. So we (correction, I*) made a tutu and bought wings. I finished mine. Brie, however, failed to prioritize her life around the most worthless Pagan holiday in the 365-day year. So we just wore the wings. And my tutu over jeans. Hott.
4) Went to Hungry Howies 32 minutes after it had closed. But the sweet old man (I like to pretend he is Howie..it makes me feel loved and startstruck) couldn't bare to turn us away. He probably felt bad for us, having not been either dressed up or doing anything of social interaction at 10:32 PM on Halloween. Such cool kids, srsly.
5) Finished our whole pizza while watching chick flicks at Brie's. Like I said..super socially accepted girls. Like..everyone just wanted to hang out with us so bad. We had to deny them all, since there were too many. I didn't think creating a waiting list would be proper..

Pictures from the madness:

We, er..tried to fly. It resulted in being catapulted off the swings. And a sore ribcage. Trick or treat.
Brie-ter Pan, ftw.
Disco? Perhaps.

Dear readers,
You can comment, you know. That'd be somewhat cool.

What were YOU for halloweenie?


Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Well at least you turned the night to somewhat fun....

We were barbie and ken in the box. flannel edition. it was awesome. see blog for pics.

Alexa Mae said...

i love the pics nat. and i think it looks like a great night. at least you had a bff to share an 'epic fail' with. you are pretty much awesome!

Sarah said...

I would have flipped out if someone tried to randomly get into my car!


Marci Darling said...

I say it looks like a night well spent :)

Marci Darling said...

oh and I was hermione. REPRESENT!

Brie said...

the only "fail" of the evening was when you left my house WITH THE FLIPPIN' MOVIE when we were only halfway through. who does that? srsly.

"you are grounded, young lady. don't you dare leave this room."

{megs in wonderland} said...

that tutu is rocking my world right now, make me one!!!

Autumn said...

I was a devil. But my halloween was a total epic fail as well. You got some amazing photos though :]

Amy said...

I'm a huge USC fan, so I was a Trojan lady for Halloween. I had a long "velvet" red dress with gold sleeves, gold cuffs and a feathery crown. It was fun. But a little too hard to dance in.

I love your blog by the way. Just found it. I hope you don't mind, but I'm totally going to stalk your blog from now on :]

Dustin Nickerson and Kylee Robinson said...

Dear Natalie,

I feel your Halloween pain... I was "dressed up" in my pajamas, on cold medicine and in bed by 9:30 while my fiance' was dressed up and out with his best friend at Halloween parties. Nice... ha ha! Hopefully we will both be "rockin'" the Halloween costume next year!

Nick & Kristin said...

Nick and I were totally rockin the Zombie look. I have pictures up, so you should check it out!
haha I love the book face thing cause I always call it that for some reason...

Nat said...

Halloween=myleastfavoriteholiday. I went to stake conference adult session. and i avoided the trick-or-treaters by falling asleep by 9:00. yes it was a lame night....aside from the awesomeness that was conference.

Emily Sue said...

i kinda agree that halloween was an epic fail! but, it looks like you had a fun time annyway! and i love the toothfairy idea so cute! also, hungrey howies= yummy!!!

Kelsie said...

at least you did SOMETHING. My night consisted of playing games with my best friends family while my best friend was at a party.
Something about that sentence sounds terrible wrong.

Haylee Abney said...

hahaha the office is the best show ever made. So im confused? Were you book-face? or toothfairies? or maybe both?:) i was a crazy 80's girl. yep. thank you goodwill!

Connie said...

I love you and everything your halloween night entailed. You are firsthand awesome and that tutu is now mine. Kthankyouandgoodnight.

Kelsie said...

Hahaha, alright so Dance Fail? Yeah Pee'd my pants a smidge once again.