I don't mean to rant, but may I just say:
I'm kind of in a bad mood..but this just put me over the edge.

CNN is my homepage, you know - gotta' stay culturally sensitive living in this East Mesa "bubble". So I'm reading through the headlines.
10 bodies found at rapist's home, police say
3 North Dakota college students found dead

ohh and heyyyy guys:
Tyra Banks loses 30 pounds

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this?

Yo Tyra, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Oprah lost the most weight of all time.

But guess what; I didn't care about that either. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for battling obesity, one Big Mac at a time. But that is NOT news worthy. Especially national-headline-worthy. I want to throw up. Maybe if I keep reading news stories like that I'll throw up and lose 30 lbs. COOOOOOOOOOOOL.

On the other hand, the news depresses me. Look at the other two stories. And this quick story I read about:
A 15 year-old boy is critically injured, after suffering 3rd degree burns on over 65% of his body. Why did he suffer burns? Oh, his too-cool-for-school friends decided they'd pour rubbing alcohol on him while proceeding to light him on fire. Why did they light him on fire? Because he told on them for stealing his dad's bike. Why did they steal it? The poor boy owed them $40 for a video game.


I still can't get over it. So because some kids needed $40 (that's like..$8/kid) they felt proper justification would be to light him on FIRE?! Is that what they're teaching in seventh grade these days?! FML. I would have paid them $40.

Keep Michael Brewer and his family in your prayers. You can read more about his story here.

Am I over reacting, or do you agree this ish is absurd?


Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

so absurd!! im like in shock.

Nat said...

yeah natalie. i totally agree with you. and jack does too. he is always going on rants about how the entertainment media should not be headlines. and seriously who cares how much weight someone loses. really? oh and 7th graders are scary now. see i came from a town where an 8 year old killed his dad. i know.

{megs in wonderland} said...

definitely absurd. especially because tyra hasnt been cool for at least 8 years.

Kelsie said...

Insane-ness (can I say that on your blog?)
I swear, our world will end here soon, especially with Obama and his "Universal" health care plan. the human race will go kaput.
i'm angry with The Man.
what are your thoughts on His plan?
please share :)

Em said...

This is totally absurd and I'm glad at least somebody is upset by it! I am too!

Lindsay, Dano and Navy said...

Absolutely absurd!!! Somestimes I can't even stand to watch the news. It makes me so so sad and sick to my stomach that Satan wraps his evil hands around these people's minds.

Connie said...

That is so sad about that boy! I cannot believe it. Oh my gosh, that is seriously demented. Indeed, it is a horrible world we live in- in a lot of ways. ps. I hate the news, they suck.

Thankfully not everything is this way though.

1autumn said...

Thats just morbid what those kids did! I just can't believe children could be so sick! What is this world coming to? Oh and screw the media I don't want to hear about how so and so lost weight and now they are back & look better than ever. What the crap who cares!? I want to hear about something of importance like the status on this new plan for health care(which I think is terrible BTW) or the side affects of the H1N1 virus!

samnhal said...

I am with you on this one. The news is either fluff about celebrities or it is horrible stories. What if I don't really want to hear about either of those that often? Where's the news that works for that?

Mauri said...

um yeah I'm not a big fan of the news/media sometimes. They make a big deal out of dumb things that not a lot of people really care about. As for the boy, I heard about that, ridiculous. Kids these days...sometimes i feel like the news is just a way to remind us all how crazy & insane this world is becoming.

Alice said...

When reading these sort of things I always hear 'Mad world' playing inside my head.

cristal elizabeth mendez said...

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shell. said...

that's beyond ridiculous. aside from the fact that the stories are absolutely insane, like what has our world become? but it may just be me, but Tyra Banks? wasn't fat BEFORE this miracle weight loss. And that's not news that the entire world needs to know.

Amy said...

A- to the frikin- MEN sista! I am always thinking the same exact thing. The Yahoo home page is the worst. Celebrity news is higher up in the lists than world news that MATTERs. I don't give a sh!t about who is dating who, or who wore what to where. It's pathetic how things like that show up more than things that matter.

I'd like to read about how things are going for REGULAR people, and though it may be depressing, I think it's important to know about disasters and world problems. Why do they try to shelter us from the truth? That's pathetic. Tyra is NOT even close to being worth reading about.

Phew. I'm done now. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels the same way!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

haha, i just love this whole bloge. love.