Christmas 12: Over and Out


Sorry I've been the worst blogger ever.
Life has been crazy.
And it's almost the new year.
Now that, my friends, is crazy.

Some things:

1) FINALS ARE DONE. That means ONE semester closer to graduate school
*cough* Harvard

2) I love cake. Especially ice cream cake. I also love my friends who tolerate my late-night cravings.
3) I am very skilled in the ways of the knife. Even though Sarah is holding it in this picture.
4) So maybe blue isn't my color.

How was your holiday?!


hello sunshine said...

aaaw hun so cool.
ur so pretty.
merry christmas(:
love you


Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Merry Christmas natt.. I love the harvard pic!

Samantha said... is totally your color um hello harvard cant hang with your zona awesomeness but guess you will just help raise their street cred and ice cream cake is legit as are you kthanksbyee

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Ice cream cake is the best. My mom still gets it for everyone's birthday. The best part is the cookie crumbles in the middle. Love it!

Rad Rachel said...

I think I last saw your blog/commented like 4 months ago... I'm Rachel! This semester WAS busy wasn't it!? Oh man. I hear ya. And I agree with your post- thank heavens for roommates who with make a whole 9X13 inch choc cake with rainbow chip frosting for you at 11:30 right? Helps you get through the night and breakfast the next day! Simply wonderful.

Oh and Happy Christmas :)

shell. said...

I'm totally jealous of the fact that you go to Harvard. And that you had ice cream cake. And that blue is TOTALLY your color. My holidays just got a little brighter reading this, thanks!