Christmas 5: Winner!

On the second day of Christmas my true love..
ate the third and fourth days for dinner!!

SORRRY this week has been so utterly absurd,
I am typing this up in-between teeth brushes and make-up application.
But it's not like 4 calling birds or 3 french hens were of any
sentimental value, anyway.
And the 2 turtle birds got hungry.

*drum roll please*

On the fifth day of Christmas,
my true love picked for me..

The photography winner.



Yay. Contact me for a date you're freee!
PS I started this at 10 AM..
it is now 4.

Alas, time to go cover the wedding cake with fondant.

Told you I was crazybusy.


Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

BAHHHAAAhumbug! lol jk yay for the winner

hello sunshine said...


hey hun c my blog i gave u an award!

love you hun.


ChristineMarie said...

Wait, REALLY?!!! That's superb. I'm in Mesa, let's do it sometime next week? <3