Another Day

Meet: Estelle
Please, revel in her beauty.
I have.

Three upcoming shoots, finally.
I have been such a slacker in the photog-department.
I have been so busy during the hours of daylight. Lame.

You know what I need?
I need to live in Alaska; it's day time all the time.
I need more hours in the day; I am running out of room in my schedule.
I need to tell those whom I love how much I appreciate them; that should never go unsaid.
I need sleep; yet I am blogging at 3:17 am.
I need a brain transplant; mine is cooped up with bogus information - and I think it broke..or perhaps I am getting dumber. Eep.
I need a new camera lens; which also brings me to my need of a more sufficient income.
I need to start taking the LSAT seriously; to fufill my need of getting into Columbia's Law School. Harvard would be grand, as well =]
I need to breathe. And remember how wonderful life is, as I make do with what I have..for what I have is all I really need.

Thank you for your random comments.
They kept me entertained at work.

[The Album Leaf]
*Seriously, one of my
favorite songs. Relaxing.


Law School Podcaster said...

re. your LSAT prep., I think you would find our free podcast helpful.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I heart my mint green Diana+. I need to take her out so more...

Anonymous said...

love this picture haha great way to do the laundry and clean (: have a great day hun (:


souljane said...

the LSAT ripped the life out of me.

hah but you can do it! seriously :)

sarah ann said...

So I pretty much love blog stalking you. Creepy I know? Teehee. You have the cutest pictures and I am jealous of the Diana.

Sarah Ann

Alexa Mae said...

geez i love you!!! and i am proud to have partaken in the naming of estelle. she is a beauty. xoxo see you in T minus 14 hours....

Brenn said...

This is so random, but I think I saw you when I was out with friends the other day, and I went OH! I THINK THATS NATALIE!! And then I remember that I just read your blogs.... Then I didn't know what to do! It was quite funny. Anyway, no that I sound kind of creeper, I just wanted you to know that Costco is the best place to get lenses!! Way cheaper than camera stores. :)

Natalie said...

Brenn- No way, where at?! You should have said hi, silly!

And costco for lenses?! Ahhhh I'mma be checkin' that out right now.

Brenn said...

Did you go country dancing at 12 West last Wednesday? I wasn't for sure it was you, but I think it was... It was so funny! And Costco for sure -- I got two lenses for about $1000 last summer, I think. Tempe camera wanted way more than that for just the telephoto! Basically, Costco makes me happy. So does your blog. :)

Natalie said...

Brenn! YES I was definitely at 12 West last week! I don't usually go, but I got asked on a date and it was SO much fun! Hehehe that is so so funny!!