Police and the Private

Why do I miss it so much?
All these old videos are making me nostalgic.

I just washed my hair.
It smells like coconuts.
I'm tempted to see if it tastes like them, as well.

Tell me something random.
Something so so random.



angieinpink said...

i watched the dance video on your last post & seriously natalie: treasure your talent 'cause WHAT an amazing gift.

Anonymous said...

i think u should def. return to dancing (: something random....
im still not sure of elephants are blue or grey. i wanna say grey. but i wanna say blue... go figure haha

p.s. sorry for the epicness. haha

Marci Dawn said...

bahahah i am such a dork. when i got your message on facebook i was so confused about the police and the private. you see i only have the fantasies album by metric. but i seriously love this one too. gosh. they're beautiful.
as for random
yesterday my roommate and i thought our oven was going to explode because it smelled like burning wires and it was popping but it turned out to be the pot that was in the oven. it completely melted. never knew a pot could melt until now. house still wreaks of pot. gross.

Emily Sue said...

random thoughts:
-cats sleep sixteen to eighteen hours a day.
-womens shirts have buttons on the left and men's shirts have buttons on the right.
- the human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet.
haha there you go! have a grand day!

ScrambledJill said...

You should totally return to dancing.

Lately I've been jamming to Billy Idol's Dancing With Myself. It's best that way, dancing in front of others gets me some strange looks!

Brie said...

i took this picture. and i'd like to think that my photog skills made it cool x2. ha. miss you, babe (oink oink)

Haylee Abney said...

Coconut smell is my fave:)
Something random?- I totally like a black guy. His name is Deddrick. Our kid is going to be named La-Hay-Drick. Random? Ya pretty much.

xoxoKrysten said...

Something random... I love my puppy's soft little ears.

dance yourself silly said...

I am so glad I happened upon your blog! gorgeous picture. What a cute girl you are! I can't wait to keep up on your blog. xoxo.