Bess freens

That, my friends, is my future DSLR camera bag.
Yes, you heard me: CAMERA bag.

[Insert fist-punch here] for no more "throw thousand-dollar-camera-alongside-hundreds-of-dollars-lenses-in-purse-and-go!".
[Insert fist-punch here] for no more nappy velcro bags of obese and boring nastiness.

Isn't it beautiful?
Wah. I can stop gawking in its red majesty.


I also love that they will be available starting February, and my birthday
is available starting March 23 =]

Site here.

Also. New addition to the camdamera family:
She needs a name.
Help me pick one.
Ideas, por favor.
Merci, beaucoup.

(Yes, i did just speak Spanish/French/and primarily English in one parablog*)

*like paragraph. just..cooler.


Britney Jean said...

ohhhhhh dear.

that's all i have to say.


Sarah said...

I am loving the camera bag as well!
I am swooning!

cris (cristal) said...

tht camera is beautiful and the bag. hmmm very hard to pick a name for a camera.


xoxoKrysten said...

That camera bag is GORGEOUS!

Alexa Mae said...

the bag is gorgeous. i know you will do amazing things with that camera. you are beyond talented. when we go out can we take lots of pics please? i think she looks like an "Estelle". just sayin'.

Mauri said...

aaahhhhh I love both!!

ScrambledJill said...

Awesome bag and camera. What about Josie?

Connie said...

I SO need a new camera bag. What I really need is a combination camera/purse/diaper bag.. but I believe then that would equal a rucksack. Hellllp!

I love your new addition!! How about purty.. or bob.

Allison said...

Um. I would totally use that camera bag as a REGULAR bag, it is that cute. And.. isn't her name Diana? Haha. :D

Natalie said...

yes, her "name" is diana. but if that were what i called my children then veronica would be "canon".

just not as personal. there are thousands of dianas.

Anonymous said...

Your camera is so pretty! I am insanely jealous of its perfectness. Where did u get it?