To prove to daddy I'm not a fool.

The semester starts hour and a half.
This is going to give me an academic work-over.
I have this tendency to take on WAY too much.
Such is the case.

Wish me luck.
Tell me little stories.
Send me cool online stores so I can buy clothes.
Name my camera
{I'm liking Estelle}
Just..leave me something good to come home to,
so I can blog-cry about how awful the next
15 weeks of my life are going to be,
whilst secretly loving it.



souljane said...

"whilst secretly loving"

baby girl, that's brilliant.

Britney Jean said...

ditto to that.

Visible Voice said...

Lucy. The camera. I mean I may be a bit biased because I named my guitar Lucy....and she's super pretty. Now I just need a name for my computer. And she's definitely a she.

Ella Press said...

Carmen, the Camera.

Good luck!

Selma said...

Good luck girl! :D

Katie said...

Boo school. I'm in my last semester thank goodness!

Um, let's see, if you like vocabulary at all and want to kill time you can go here You define words, they donate rice to feed the hungry.


Anonymous said...

aaw hun im sure ur going to do well. dont worry ok. everythings gonna be ok all u need to do is this so many movies
2.popcorn,candy,any fud u like
3.relax and stress free


Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

One time I was on a date with this girl, and she wasn't saying much. She just kept eating her lasagna... So to try and stimulte conversation I said, "Wanna borrow my fork so you can eat it with both hands." Didn't go over well, and thats the only story I have now.

Good luck.


Emily Sue said...

i just think you're amazing. honest to goodness i really do! i think you have so much ambition and i really respect that! i hope the first day went FABULOUS!! love your facebook statuses and your blog so much!