Hey, Soul Sista

My weekend getaway was incredible.
Snow conditions were prime.

I didn't have my camera when we actually boarded real slopes.
However, it was so packed that we had to park a mile away.
And. Walk.
A mile, no big deal.
However, in snow clothes and equipped with a board it's quite the trek.
Worth it, though.


We went sledding the next day.
I had my camera.
And tried to recreate my boarding glory-days from just 24 hours earlier.

There were little hills.
Actually, hills is too generous of a word.
Little bumps.
Which I tried to take Shaun White* style.
But resulted in..well..nothing.
Very flat. Little speed. Minimal air.

So I just stuck with sledding.
I was giggling like a five year-old.
I think I had more fun than my brother.

It was great.

Happy February 1st.

What are you looking forward to this month?

*Shaun White: (noun) Winner of the last 4 X games. Pretty much the shiz dot com backslash FIERCE



Marci Darling said...

I'm looking forward to Emma Watson's clothing line debut!!!

souljane said...

agh! you had a blast !

darling photos. beautiful lighting.

everything is approved by me :)

happy monday doll.

Anonymous said...

looks like so much fun. loks alittle difficult to do though ive never been snowboarding. love th snowman (:


Alexa Mae said...

so much fun!! so jealous, especially of sledding. you are gorgeous my dear!

p.s. just saw your "i have a stretch mark, on.my.boob". freakin hilarious...still.laughing.


looking forward to family picture!! woooooopppp!

Cambriaaaa said...

pretty much in love your your gears. awesome!

Connie said...

What great pictures!! I love snow pictures- always so cute. I wish I could get air when I snowboarded. Alls I get is snow down my pantz..

Sarah said...

sledding is freaking awesome! it brings joy into my life.