The District Sleeps Alone

I am having a secret love affair with the mail man.
He keeps bringing me packages.
I love packages.

It was perfect timing.
I went home from work early {30 minutes} feeling sick.
Got home, played 3 hymns on the piano
{mind you, with my lack of skill this took about 25 minutes},
and fell asleep.
Woke up 4 hours later, went to walk into the kitchen,
and BHAM. There it was.
My package; on the counter.

From who?
The one, the only, Marci.
And guess what she sent meeeeeeee..


Meet: "The Fat Kid 2".
Srsly. Just drool over that playlist, mmk?

My turn!!


Dear Marci,
I will be trying to create an equally wonderful
"Fat Kid 3" para ti! YAY! Be ready.

Dear Mail Man,
I love you and all, but could you please
bring me my Social Psychology text book? We're three
weeks into school and it's becoming rather imperative.

[The Postal Service]


Uptown Girl said...

oh I <3 the Postal Service.
Do you have a CD player? A friend gave me a mix cd back in December and I still haven't figured out how to listen to it since I no longer own a CD player and my laptop doesn't have a CD drive...
what a conundrum.

Anonymous said...

thts so cul (:


Natalie said...

CD player = in the car!! I know, I was so sad I couldn't listen to it last night :( Actually..I could have used my laptop - didn't think about that one!

Marci Dawn said...

oh my gosh. i feel loved. :) a whole post. i love you. so much. i hope you enjoy it. i love that mix a lot. ps its official when i say im moving down to arizona in may so lets plan playdates k. love marci

Uptown Girl said...

oooh in your car... that makes sense. If only the subway had a cd player I'd be all set for my commute!

Alexa Mae said...

ummmm lucky lucky girl! i ♥ mail too! and mixed cds...just like in the old day (pre-itunes) yay!