Law Law Law..And the beat goes on.

Abstract: Natalie has been reading an inhuman-amount of law journals in the days preceding that of today(^a). Therefore, she feels inclined to post in similar structure. Ergo, you decadent souls are the recipients of her madness.

Part I: The darndest thing happened to me yesterday. I woke up rather early, hoping to 'carpe diem'(^b). That failed miserably, and decided emotional eating(^c) and shopping were an appropriate celebration of lament(^d). While soul-searching(^e) at the mall, a girl came up to me and said "Hi. I like your style..will you pick out clothes for me to piece together into outfits?". I kid you not. I almost fell over. Uhhhm sure..if you trust me with that sort of preference. Needless to say, I made her look like a clown. Intentionally, of course(^f).

Part II: Oh! It gets better. After the long-lived ego boost, I hit the Bakery of Paradise. I did something to please the heavens, because with my meal I got an extra cookie(^g). Glory, glory, hallelujiah!

Conclusion: Fresh air is the best. Especially when accompanied with garden vegetable soup and a handful of cookies. And The Script(^h).

a. January 13, 2010
b. Latin for "seize the day" - origins said to be from the writings of Horace.
c. Paradise Bakery.
d. Paradoxical..paradoxical, indeed.
e. In this note, the reference herein to "soul-searching" denotes mildly grieving about the wardrobe-boredom-rut I am in. Woe is me, woe is me.
f. Just kidding.
g. And purchased four. Which means SIX cookies for my tum-tum. Get over it. They're all gone, already, too. I should win some sort of award for mass sugar consumption.
h. Great band. Look up the song "Break Even". I'm obsessing.


angieinpink said...

ummmmmmmmm...when did this new header happen? 'cause it's amazing.

Anonymous said...

haha u crack me up hun. very interesting post.


Cristin said...

Posts like this are the reason I follow you.

Love you.

Marci Darling said...

This post is genius.
And truthfully, if I saw you at the mall, I would ask you to pick out an outfit for me too :)