Houston, we have a problem..

I have a problem.
Rather, I have lots.

1) I get sudden urges to bake at the most inappropriate times.
Example: 15 minutes into statistics and I'm thinking about what I will have for dessert. Not even dinner. See the problem, here?

2) I am in love with my camera.
Example: There's a 98% chance my camera is in my purse wherever I go. Her name is Veronica. Thus, "I am in love with Veronica". See the problem, here?

3) I hate trying clothes on.
Example: "Oh hey this is cute. And has 4 buttons and a zipper..too much work to try it on..only $25?! Mehh..so..lazzzy...". Herein, I have a boring wardrobe at the present time. See the problem, here?

4) I am having a love affair with math.
Example: In my spare time, I do calculus word problems. Once, I even bailed on a date. Instead, sat at home graphing intervals. See the problem, here?

5) I'll "check my facebook" right before I go to bed.
Example: 11pm, decide THIS will FINALLY be the night I commence good sleeping patterns. Check fakebook. 2 minutes turns into 10. 10 minutes turns into..hours. I'm going to pay-off the Chinese government to hack it, and take it over - encoding all of it in their funky little characters. See the problem, here?

6) I will listen to the same song on repeat for days.
Example: Currently - "Breakeven" by The Script. And "Sleepyhead" by Passion Pit. I'll probably hate them both within the next 23 hours. See the problem, here?

7) I always volunteer to do more than I can handle.
Example: Sure, I'll make your wedding cake. You need me to take your family picures..of course! Temple work at what time..yeah yeah, let's do it. Shopping..count me in! Wait..you ALL want this on Saturday?! FML. See the problem, here?

8) I am a Paradise Bakery addict.
I get broccoli cheddar soup, half of a paradise club, and like..9 cookies. Which makes dinner around $10. And I do this multiple times a week. See the problem, here?

I'm a problemed people.
Are you a problemed people, too?


Alexa Dyan said...

I am a very problemed people. I never sleep.
Example: It's 11:30 pm. The clothes in my closet are strangely in the wrong order, so my OCD starts taking care of it. And then my ADD interupts in the middle. And then I am baking banana bread. Do you know how long it takes to make banana bread?... It's soon 2:30 AM and I have to get up for school at 5:30.
Oh well, I suppose.
I love your blog! It always makes me laugh.

Mauri said...

oh man, I am definitely problemed people too!

hello sunshine said...

hahah dont worry i think those problems are fixable


Britney Jean said...

hahahaha this made me laugh. because i have seen first hand that most of these are true. and the ones i have not seen first hand, i've seen some element of (for instance, #1. Have i seen you bake at weird times? No. But i have seen you lick the frosting off a box of cupcakes at around 2 AM. same diff.) I think i've pretty much seen the others in action. bahahaha. love you best friend.

Rasha said...

What about ME nat... I wanna hang on THIS saturday.. GOSH!

Love and miss ya.

Uptown Girl said...

Volunteering for more than you can handle is def a problem- but once you hit your limit I bet you'll learn that lesson! But while you're at it can you re-do my blog's look??


Alexa Mae said...

in more ways than 8...

Selma said...

Who isn't!??! ;) I'm definitely a problemed people! ;) Loved this post by the way. I'm in love with my camera, too, and she's got a name as well. :D And yes, I bailed on a date too...not because I wanted to do more math problems, but something similar and very addictive! :)

Noelle said...

You have a problem. But don't worry. It sounds to me like something people like you for. It's good problems. Gotta love that.

dust and kam said...

oh my, i love your problems.

Definitely a problemed people myself.