Me and the Urbz

5 things that happened yesterday:

1) Miss Lauren got baptized.
2) I made some cuppycakes last minute, and in a death-bed attempt to save their plainness, decided melting chocolate would do the trick. Viola!

3) I "tried" sushi for the first (and last) time in my life. I add sarcastic emphasis on the word "tried", since I a) ate it with a fork, b) took 6 whole minutes to get the bite near my mouth, and c) only ate the rice around the edge. But I hated every moment of it.

4) Was mistaken for John Lennon..
5) Fell in love with a new headband and shirt from the one and only Urbz.

All in all, I'd say it was a good day.
Post of more substance is coming tomorrow.
I promise.

How was your day?! Any new adventures? Discoveries?
Pray tell =]


Joslyn Marie said...

can we please play? you're adorable. the end

Visible Voice said...

You're cute. Love your blog. I used to hate sushi but then I had a chicken kind and a sweet potato kind and now all is well. And at least you ate it with a fork...I either STAB it with the chop sticks or just pick it up with my fingers!

Alexa Mae said...

you are gorgeous to.the.max. I freakin love you. you crack me up. that my friend, looks like a las vegas roll and happens to be my favorite thing on the planet. at least you 'tried'. hehe love your outfit and your headband. very sexyish!

Connie said...

ditto to what everyone said! Except, I have never tried sushi- I doubt I ever will!
Seriously though you always look darling in every picture! Pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

haha ur so pretty hun.
baptism partys are great glad she decided to get baptized i havent yet can you believe it. haha
love the pictures.


pink coffee photoart said...

could you be any cuter?! seriously. love your blog!

Mauri said...

I love sushi. You totally went to RA huh? Sorry you didn't like it. It's def an aquired taste/feel.

brooke said...

sushi is GROSS. I'm glad we share that disgust so when we are hanging out and everyone wants to go eat some sushi, me and you can rebel and will make everyone go somewhere better!!! yippy!!!

Britney said...

ewwwwwwww. i will never try sushi. Nas-Ty. bleh.

Jess said...

I always considered sushi to fall into the same category as Shakespeare. No one really likes it. A lot of people pretend to like it to make themselves seem cultured. Unfortunately my cousin Larry believes that showers fall into the same category.

Brie said...

AHAHA! Jess' comment just made my life.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I used to be the biggest hater of sushi, but now I loooove it!

Love your Beatles-esqe photo.

RatalieNose said...

Beatles pic MADE MY DAY!
And I can actually tell where it was taken!

Ella Press said...

sweet post <3
it'd been a while since i visited your blog.
forgot how much i like it :D