Hi. My name is Natalie from 2010.
I am the same Natalie from 2009.
Just a few days older, and zero days wiser.
I am a nerd, disguised in an appreciation for things
other than literature and mathematics.
However, I still treasure the two, both near and dear to that
palpating thing we call a heart.

I like to snowboard.
I am not great.
But contrary to public opinion, we are not expected to excel in everything we love.
How would we ever learn?

I started this new "resolution".
However, I would never call it such, because
I am anti-New-Year's-Resolutions.
Ask and maybe I'll tell.
Anyway - each day, I choose a personal word-of-the-day.
And I have to use it.
As many times as I can.
Someone asked me why.
Is it to learn new words?
Sound intelligent?
Heck no.
It's to entertain my brain long enough
to hold a conversation with someone.
Or to give me something to think about while
at work, wishing I was sleeping.

I am naming my first-born son Winston.
Simply because it sounds aristocratic.
I decided this on Friday, at Starbucks,
while sipping on a venti Italian soda
(6 pump raspberry, 6 pump vanilla, whipped cream, half and half).
Starbucks is the place of revelation, people.
It allows you to embrace a pretentious* lifestyle,
even if only temporarily.
As for my son, I'll give him a good middle name.
That way he can go by that until he's recognized
the benefit of having a name attuned to a millionaire.
I mean, Winston just has "success" written vertically all over it.

I miss a lot of things.
I miss dancing.
I miss living a carefree life exempt from responsibilities and consequences.
I miss waking up, going to school, coming home, and sleeping.
I miss sleep.
I miss eating whatever I wanted.
I miss having a list of 100-plus people I felt like I could talk to about anything, at any time.

But there's no room to complain.
I dance in my bedroom. In the car. In Sarah's dorm. And occasionally back in the studio.
Responsibility and consequences begets independence and associations not found elsewhere.
While the repetitious patterns of high school were structured, it left no room for fancied deviations.
Sleep is for the weak - survival of the fittest. (sikeeee)
And for some reason, knowing I can't eat whatever I want hasn't been reason enough to stop me. (le sighh)
While I've become less inclined to open up to John Smith or Jane Doe, I have formed fewer, yet closer, relationships with those I can rely on. I could count them on one hand. But I'd take my one hand over 10 fingers and 15 toes, anyday.

So I'm pretty confident in concluding two things:
1) Longest post. Ever. (sorry)
2) 2010 is going to be a great year.

Happy new year.

* word of the day


Joslyn Marie said...

love this post.
can we

play?? :]

Little Miss Paige said...

hehe, you totally had me laughing out loud. That is a good not-resolution, and even a better reason for it. So funnayy :)


Anonymous said...

wow nice shots there.

ChristineMarie said...

<3 you. And holy miss you. No, holy wasn't relevant but when you sporadically throw it into your daily conversation, it makes you sound more animated.

You should come to Utah. . . . now

Visible Voice said...

Your blog is super cute. I likes it! :)

Connie said...

you are hott. A number exchange would be vital. Imperative! and all that good stuff.

Haylee Abney said...

"Sleep is for the weak - survival of the fittest" That is great, and so true! Great posts, but wait, all your posts are awesome!!! Happy New Year!:)

Kellie said...

2010 will be a great year, i'm excited for it! And i love this post. I wish I could dance.

Clint & Alicia McLaws said...

Thanks for your comment on my lame lil blog! I adore your photography! I just got an UH-MAZ-ZING new camera for christmas, and i'm SO excited to go out and USE it! :D

Out of curiosity, how much do you charge for a session?

dust and kam said...

Aww... your cute!! And fun! :)

Love your post/blog!

Manju said...

happy new year! :D
you're so cute in that first picture, and i mean that in a totally non-creepy way of course haha!
is it the code for the navigation bar that you're looking for? the one with Home, subscribe, etc???

coz if it's that, here's the tuto:

if it's not that or you need ay help, just give me a shout okay ^_^

RatalieNose said...

This post is so legit.