To Build A Home

Today, I exemplified both a good student and a bad student.

Ditched class number one because I was late.
By late I mean I spent 30 minutes looking for my car keys; whaaadafreak?!
Alas, I was 15 minutes late to class, and decided my
pride was much too great to go to the last 60
minutes; you know how that goes..

It was Hurricane Natalieing outside.
After ditching class 1, I swallowed my pride and grabbed
my umbrella to make-way to class 2.
I got a good 183 feet away from the building I had been sitting in
{comfy couch, might I add},
slammed in the face with a wall of rain,
umbrella did the whole inside-out-everyone-laugh-at-me,
turned right back around and went BACK to my comfy couch.
'Aint no way I'm walking a mile to class in THAT *points and glares*.
Not even for my beloved Constitutional Law class.

Am currently in the library studying logic.
Let me tell you, logic is rifreakingdiculous.
Can't say I'm super fond of it.
However, it will help my LSAT score *crosses fingers*, and
thus is worth it.
(But I first went to Urban Outfitter's..BIG SALE!)
Library. Studying. Should get back to that and get OFF blogger.

PS. Tornado warning? Lovely.
I'm going to die, all alone, in a library.
I have nightmares about things like this.

Due to lack of creativity and hopes that my likes
can share interest with yours, blog titles will be song titles henceforth.
I'll post the artist at the bottom in baby-size font.
Youtube it if you get a chance.
I'll only post the reaaaally good ones, so it's worth your time.
Let me know if you listen to it/enjoy it.
Yesterday's was by Copeland.
And now, let the madness commence (see below).
Bow chica wow wow.

[The Cinematic Orchestra]


Visible Voice said...

You know...there's not many who have the book smarts lawyer brain AND are artistic. TRES fab! I likes it.

Kelsie said...

I tried those exact same glasses on at Urban today! I also bought some $10 black shoes, I opened the shoe box when I got home and there was two Right Foot shoes in there, one was a size 8 the other was a size 9 WTF! U.O. Failed me.

Love your blog by the way. You're just fantastic!

P.S. If you'd like, you can come to Utah and walk through campus in a snow storm, its good times.

ChristineMarie said...

Ha. That is one downside to living out East -- more precipitation. I think it's a worthwhile trade, though.

angieinpink said...

you are smart. your school sounds smart.

ps: i'm loving the title/song/idea thingy......

Anonymous said...

haha love the glasses and sucks when things happen like those everyone stares like its never happened to them.
have a great day.

Alexa Mae said...

i love you. yesterday was craziness. you are so amazing and so dang smart! i adore you.