Love is a fast song

What I am about to say will probably be somewhat controversial.
And honestly, I don't really care.
Because I am making fun of you in my head if you argue with me when I say that

Oh hey, so you're 31 years old, attractive, rich, and single?
So you go on a reality TV show to find "true love"?
Ah, yes; because publicity, free trips and money are definitely
NOT screaming out "package-deal incentives" to gold-digging, attention-craving women.
Of course not. That would just be much too predictable, now wouldn't it?
That would portray reality, thus defeating the
point of reality television.

I somehow got suckered into watching reruns last night with my mom.
I held back much gag reflex as I listened to 10 different women
confess their undying love for a man whom they've known for..
two weeks.

Get real, grow up, and eHarmony that ish.


Marci Darling said...


That show is disgusting.

Really "true" "love"

Kristina P. said...

By "dumbest" I assume you mean "most awesome."

Kaitlyn Dwiggins said...

I will refrain from telling you my love for this show. The end.
love, kaitlyn

p.s. Someday we need to find eachother at institute ya? ok byeeeee!!!!!

Busy Bee Lauren said...


I love you.

Britney Jean said...

i totally agree.

not to say that i haven't watched it before.

or that i didn't totally love watching it.

but it's completely stupid.

and unrealistic.

the best part of the show is seeing girls with cute clothes (fashion tips).

cat fights.

and making fun of it.

oh and looking at hot guys.

but i haven't watched this season.

because i find it a waste of my time.

what little time i spend watching tv...i'll spend on something better.


Connie said...

bahahaha! It's easy to get into when other girls are around but otherwise I don't watch.

angieinpink said...

not a fan either.

good taste.

ChristineMarie said...

Eigh. Mehn. Seriously.

Emily Nicoll said...

Amen sister

Ella Press said...

thank you!
my thoughts exactly.

cris (cristal) said...

sooo true its anoying i hate how he "falls" for everyone so unrealistic. all the girls say "oh its me if he would of gotten to know me more" haha not true snap out of it.


Natalie and Trent said...

I got sucked into that for a few seasons. They kept picking people I liked from the season before. I finally cut myself off and by the previews this season-I am so glad I did. Its ridiculous. Although, I don't agree with your comment about confessing their love after two weeks. I knew I was going to marry Trent after only one week of dating. But I guess I was the ONLY girl he was dating at the time..haha. Maybe thats a LITTLE different. Ah well. Those girls are stupid. :-)

Alexa Mae said...

i agree. i always think they are all so weird. "obviously you are single for a reason" is what i think.

Mauri said...

ok I'm not going to lie, I watch the snow, but that doesn't mean I don't disagree with your reasoning. I think most of the girls of flat out retarded & dumb for confessing their love for someone they don't know while there are 20 other girls doing the SAME THING. But alas I find it entertaining & I have a guilty pleasure for stupid reality tv shows (not all but some). Maybe I need to find something mroe educational & enlightening to fill my spare time haha!