Yeah, since that's a popular social networking site..

My sweet and darling friend, Alexa, gave me this
genius idea of creating a post out of my fakebook statii
(that's plural for status).

Here are some old Natalisms of the past:

Natalie believes democracy is our greatest export. At least until China figures out a way to stamp it out of plastic for 3 cents a unit.

Natalie drove around mesa for 25 minutes looking for girl scout cookies. Finally found the little brats :]]

(..then later that evening)

Natalie needs to stop eating thin mints. the word "thin" should be made illegal. false advertsing.

Natalie hates when candy is impossibly wrapped--impenetrable by tooth, nail, or child-scissors. back up: wire cutters.

Natalie won't tell stories that are untrue; unless they're fictional.

(finals week..)
Natalie is cramming political theory into my 8gb brain capacity. currently 98.4% full. do not disturb.

Natalie doesn't freaking care what color your hair should be, what pokemon you are, what vegetable you should eat or what barbie doll you look like. enough with the stupid quizzes ohmyhail!

Natalie giggled to myself when i saw that oprah endorsed KFC's fried chicken sandwich. lawlz.

Natalie is an idealist: i never give an inch, and my metaphors don't use the metric system. meet me half way, here, you're the pragmatist.

Natalie : th vwls n my kybrd rnt wrkng whn prss thm. fml.

Natalie loves emails about male enhancement. i mean, srsly? go spam the other gender. kthanks.

Natalie definitely gave an old man a ride to work this morning. and he totally counts as a hitchhiker *crosses off bucket list* :]

Natalie LOVES me a good presidential address: democrats clapping over empty promises (with mighty good rhetoric, i must admit) & republicans rolling their eyes on national television. doesn't get much better than this.

Natalie is unique like a third-grade science project.

Natalie just got an email from one of my sociology professors. "I really appreciate the time and energy you have put into creating really thoughtful and thought-provoking posts. I will continue to follow your progress with interest." Moral of the story: I'm now self-conscious and have to actually make an effort at this stuff..LAME

Natalie : dear stats HW, if you don't give me a POSITIVE confidence interval, so help me gosh..of COURSE i'd find out i did it wrong, during step hour after i began step one. word to the wise: go to class. i wish i'd listen to my own advice, sometime. <3>

Natalie 's fingers stutter whenever i need to type a "q". it's kind of like: "the duck says *long pause, looking around, thinking to myself "i swear it's hear somewhe..* Quack!"

Natalie just got hit on by a french man in his late thirties. in the wendy's drive-thru. 1) do NOT insult my french; so what if i use spanish verbs?! 2) you talked too long; our food got cold and our fries sucked. 3) you forgot the straws; thus i had to wait 8 minutes to drink my sprite. not scoring any points, monsieur.

Pretty much,
I have no life.
And should probably delete my fakebook.


Emily Sue said...

oh my gosh!!! i loved this post and i love your facebook statuii!! seriously they're the highlight of my day!

Visible Voice said...

I'm just in agreement about thin mints...

Way false advertising.

Selma said...

I love this post! :) Facebook statii are fun, yours especially. ;) And well, on a side note...I should delete my fb too. ;)
Have a good weekend.

Britney Jean said...

your status updates are HILARIOUS. and yes, you do have a new one like every five minutes. seriously. when Jess first got his fb and only had a few friends, his whole update page was you. sooooo funny.

Nick & Kristin said...

I'm LOVING your blog background. You are way too funny Natalie! Your status always cracks me up

Autumn Fauver said...

VERY funny and sassy.

hello sunshine said...

haha cute post (:


Alexa Mae said...
That's what I'm talkin bout girl! Freakin hilarious. Laughed the whole time. Laugh everytime I read your status hence the reason I want a rip out calendar book of thy FB statii.
I and love and you.
Over and out Thin Mint! ;) xoxo

kate maggie said...

this is incredible, haha. :)

RatalieNose said...

Dude. Those are the greatest Statii I've ever read!!!!