I found my MoJo on Mill St.

Tonight deserves a
blogpost of its own.

So. I know this boy. His name is Brian.
Last name: Clay. Pretty much he is the shiz dot com backslash,
and he likes to dabble in photog.
Kind of a lot.
And he's kind of good. Just a little.

Check out his work HERE.

Anywho. We planned a last minute photoshoot today.
I left work an hour early, ran home, grabbed my
baby {camera. and sister} and sped (Tokyo-drift style) to Mesa.

We accomplished a few things:
1) interpreted some es-pan-yole at the Mexican market.
2) made it out and lived to tell about it.
3) became African-American from the ankles down (not joking..)
4) moved cars to a safer location *cough* the temple
5) BOOKSTORE!!!!!! heartsheartshearts. There was a whole section devoted to philosophy and I about died. It was too much for my cerebral hemispheres to handle.
6) Light rail. Tempe. Mill. Ra (A-freakin-gain. I know). Light rail home.

Favorite thing of the night:
We boarded the light rail in Mesa and patientlywaited for the dumb thing to
move its majestic 40mph down its track and dump us off in Tempe.
Some homeless guy gets on the train, looks around for a very
awkward 38 seconds, then gets off and sits back down outside.
*10 minutes pass, two stops later, doors open*
SAME homeless man runs back on, looks around, and this time sits down IN the train.
Emily: "Is that the same.."
Brian: "Yes..it is.."
Emily: "How in the.."
Brian: "Maybe..he just..runs..really fast."
Aha =]

PS I am so awfully camera shy, it's
embarrassing. So all the good shots will be of my gorgeous
bombshell seester, and darling Emily.
I think he was getting irritated with my irrational spasms.

You see, I had intentions of SHOOTING.
But that plan was foiled when we realized his flash + my camera = :[
So. I took 2 pictures - neither anything I'm really satisfied with - and flailed around anytime he came near me with a camera. Anywho. Pictures below.


RatalieNose said...

I like the sound of this kid.
You should marry him.

Natalie said...

hahahahahaha oh gosh it's not like that at all :-P

hello sunshine said...

wow great love the pictures ur girls r so pretty (: