So the last two days,
I have woken up {via alarm de la cellular device}
to find my alarm clock on the floor,
with the batteries on opposite ends of the room.

And I have no recollection of the destruction I bring unto it.

This could turn into a big problem..

{On a side note}
I am testing out a self-developed theory in my social psychology course.
I'm not going to class, and relying on the information
acquired from simply reading the text.
Then, I will take the test, and see how I do -compared to the suckers that
actually attend class everyday.

Our professor drops our lowest test grade
{which is why I am testing this "hypothesis" out..I'm not a complete freak}.
Thus, if my grade is poor, I will assume
it will act as my dropped test grade,
and resume going to class.

If not, well, I just saved myself about 40 hours of school.
Which is comparable to saving 15% on car insurance by switching to Geico.




Katie said...

Your alarm clock misadventures made me laugh really hard! I turn mine off a lot without remembering but I've yet to dismantle it.

I hope your theory pans out! I've had tons of classes where I go every day and it turns out I have to spend just as much time studying the book because that's where everything comes from. {Still, I can't bring myself to skip classes because I go to a freakin' expensive school and I'm not willing to waste the money--I think someone told me each of our classes is like $100 per sesh. Whoa.}

Dustin & Kylee Nickerson said...

I can't wait to see how this pans out! I feel like I have wasted so much time in useless classes, so this experiment will be of interest to me! ha ha!

On a side note, I decided to try "on-line" classes for some of those "useless" credits necessary to graduate from ASU and can give you an honest inventory... Dance, Family and Film classes, great online! Anatomy and Physiology, Physics, NOT so hot online! Just sayin'... lol! Good Luck Nat!

Casey said...

I saw your blog on Millie's page, and I think you are lovely and even more lovely because you listen to Wakey!Wakey! my favorite band for too long to remember!

Hope you have a good day!

cris (cristal) said...

hahah i might just switch to geico then ;) u shud prbbly get a bigger alarm clock and one tht weighs more.


kelly anne said...

me and my alarm clock have similar issues... and by alarm clock i mean cellular device because that's the only one i use. anyway, one day i woke up an hour late and could find my phone ANYWHERE.... apparently i'd thrown it under my roommate's bed and the battery had fallen out... all this without either of us waking up.

i wish i could test your theory of not going to class... i love skipping class. alas, i go to a small school and attendance, unfortunately, affects my grade...

Alexa Mae said...

bahahaha this is the best. you should set up a camera and watch the destruction unfold before your eyes. like i've said, you're the smartiest gal i know. xoxo

see ya tomorrow lovie!

Amelia Kate said...

baha, i love it! shalazam!

I AM SAM said...

I agree. Wakey!Wakey! is killa. Love, Sami, your new blog stalker.