I love Valentine's Day.
I bought myself lots of chocolate,
and baked yum-yums for my friends.


Oh; and a HUGE cupcake awaited my homeward-bound arrival.
It patiently sat on my bed.

Thank you, cuteboy.


Completely unrelated fact:
today was awesome.

The Lord hears our prayers.
And changes hearts.



Marci Darling said...

Sounds like somebody had a good and lucky day ;)

Britney Jean said...

yum! i had cupcakes waiting on my doorstep. :) i love visiting teachers! woooo!

Brittany said...

I sort of love valentine's day too. I hope yours is wonderful.

Also, stunning picture of you!

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Does cuteboy now have a date with cutenatalie? It sounds like he earned it to me =)

cris (cristal) said...

aaaw how sweet have u watched valentines day?
its great i recomend u watch it


Connie said...

I love your beautiful spirit. You are *amazing* (loved the unrelated fact:)

ChristineMarie said...

Uhhmmmm cuteboy?

Story time. I better be getting a text about this as of 17 seconds ago.

P.s. I want some yum-yums. Please?