Gimme Sympathy

The last couple of nights have involved nothing more
than me, a stack of court cases, Coke, and the end result of insanity.
Tonight I drove home with my windows down.
It was raining.
I sang loudly.
And didn't even care.

I think this anti-socialism is getting to me; making me all existentialistic and what not.
Just kidding. Partially.

Speaking of which, the LSAT spammer got me again.
And I'm assuming he/she/it will yet again, since I mentioned the word "LSAT".

I shall refer to it as the "elleSAT" from hereon out. Ugh.
How annoying.


*Update: In 12 hours this big exam will be over.
Pray for me. Pray for my academic salvation.
Melodramatic? Not. At. All.*


Connie said...

those pictures of you look awesome! I couldn't find them there but I saw them on facebook! I did see another blog friend of mine on there though- awesome!

Next friday should be good btw! Let's talk details cause I'm serious we have to do this thang. I wont have a camera yet, but you knew that... (;

Emily Sue said...

umm natalie.. you are freaking gorgeous!!!!!! seriously. and i sooo admire you for being so ambitious and really taking a hold of your future go you!!

Marci Darling said...

Good Luck on your Exam!!!!

I love that picture,and your OUTFIT!

Anonymous said...

gud luck hun. hope u do well and after u take the test go out and have fun u need it. have a great day


Katie said...

Good luck!!

I love driving with the windows down especially in the rain.

Also, I love "Gimme Sympathy". A lot.

Alexa Mae said...

LOVE the pics! you are amazing and you always excel at everything you do. i have the most faith in you. and i am honored that you consider me your friend. i love you nat...lots.