Cosmic Love

Four things {probably not} worth mentioning:
{ONe} I have been living off of Coke for the last 4 days. I'm not a soda person, however all this schoolwork has led to long nights, little sleep, and caffeine crashes. Blast.

{TWo}This picture scares me. Have you SEEN Angels & Demons? I'm probably going to die via fire-burning for posting it. Freakin' Illuminati.

{THRee} It's official: I take my LSAT on June 7, 2010. And starting March 13 I will have no life. I guess Stanley Kaplan has a thing or two to teach me about test-taking. And you dang LSAT blog-spammer person, if you post on my blog so help me..

{FouR} I'm second guessing setting my heart on Columbia for law school; I just found out there is not one single Paradise Bakery in NYC - or in the whole state of NY, for that matter.

Also. Check out who I played what I did today.
Yep, that's right.
This lovely lady photographed me.
And we ate ice cream.
Pink ice cream.

Isn't she amazing? Seriously. Tell her how amazing she is!

[Florence and the Machine]

*This song is definitely worth
checking out. I'm pretty much
obsessed. I even linked you.
You're welcome =]


Braden said...

Um, I have tried not to be a creepy blog stalker, but Columbia! Brilliant! That's the alma mater of Mark Glick, my awesome economic law professor!

Hope you dominate the LSAT.

Anonymous said...

great pictures (: haha angels and demons. have a great day


Brie said...

2009? ha. how'd it go? :P

oh natz, it's been 2010 for like a month now.

love you.

Law School Podcaster said...

In terms of your LSAT prep., I think you might find our free podcast helpful.

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

found you on my dearest alexa mae's bloggety so i thought i'd say hello...