March Madness

It's March.
And I am excited. Want to know why?

My birthday is on the 23rd. I like Sprinkles cupcakes, case anyone was wondering ;)

No, I'm not one of those girls that makes a huge deal over my birthday.
I just like any excuse to eat an abundance of cake.
Eh..not that not having one stops me, anyway.

Photography blog is "up and running" {link on side}.
The quotes are to denotate my sarcasm, in meaning I have started to create it.
Still lots to tweak and lots and lots to upload.
I have a big fat to-do list for the week.
The line-up includes, but is not limited to {tehe}:

1) Constitutional Law exam on Thursday..keep me in your prayers ;)
2) Singing for Elder Oaks - woowoo!
3) First Friday in Phoenix {anyone want to go?}
4) Logic Paper due Tuesday {Logic? Paper? It's worse than it sounds; if feasible}
5) Ra. But what's new?
6) Living in the library praying to the heavens that they have mercy on my uneducated soul and spare me on the offering stone Thursday (See number 1).

What does your week include?


Brie said...

anatomy exam thursday and studying for anatomy practical all weekend. woowoo.

*raiseshand* i wanna go!

Alexa Mae said...

hunting down of more girl scouts. that box was gone too soon.

i love you. always thinking about you. xoxo

Marci Darling said...


Sarah Eileen said...

Well My week includes, being at home by myself all week, with a car WHOO WHOOO!

Saturday night includes ELDER OAKS with my Bsff [of course]

then comes sunday with ELDER OAKS [again] and then FAST SUNDAY AND TEACHING!!!!

i love my life! and the gospel. I am sure you agree, because well you always do :D

Rasha said...

Eww mines has the same pretty much.. i miss ewe, lets hang out, ps. loving the new bloggggg.

Britney Jean said...

my week includes:

cleaning my house
fixing up my blog
more homework
wishing i had time to craft
trying to get mr. nash potty trained
even more homework

Anonymous said...

a mesa mormon at first fridays? wowsa. j/k

just came from reading bbl blog about how she thought phx was ghetto. girl needs to get out of dodge more.

happy to see a mesa mormon will venture to phx for a little culture.

Natalie said...

anonymous: baha can we be best friends?

sarah ann said...

Agreed, Sprinkles cupcakes are so amazing. La la love your photography blog. I had no idea you knew Joslyn. Her family is in my ward. Small world? I think so!


Vanessa said...

Sprinkles cupcakes are fabulous. I sooo wish I lived near one!!

abbface said...

We have the same birthday! GSE!