Possibly Maybe

Someone at church: "Natalie, we {her and her fiancee} were in Urban Outfitters
the other night and Josh {her fiancee} said 'this looks like a store Natalie would live in'."

Pretty much made my day; I love UO.
Sadly, most of their skirts/dresses are out of the question.
Even if it looks long enough, chances are it won't fit..
Oooh the blessings of a big boootaay.




Connie said...

can I see this big bootay? I must have missed it the last billion times I've seen your gorgeous self :p

that comment would kill me too.. aww well isn't that the sweetest thing!

I get stuff like, I was at k-mart at the clearance rack and I totally thought of you (;

Britney Jean said...

first of all...what bootay?

second of all...i need to go to urban. i haven't been since san fran in july.

third of all...connie's comment cracked me up!

Mauri said...

You are too cute. No big bootay either girl. Ah all our Urban talk makes me want to go, but then I'll go & then I'll want.

cris (cristal) said...

funny post. (:


Brittany said...

friend, you are super cute. i love UO too. i may need to take a little trip this weekend.

Marci Dawn said...

i love that...the other day i was in there shopping and this older woman (older being 40) came up to me and said "you dress like my daughter wants to dress, can you help me pick out some outfits for her?" so i spent about 30 minutes shopping with this lady for her daughter. huggge compliment. i would be concerned if i was in hollister and a lady said that to me but in uo its was totally a good thing. loveee you.
ps. i will take some of your booty even though by previous comments i think you're lying about it. anyways. im a bean pole. nooo cool curves for me. therefore. i am jealous.
love marci

Natalie said...

britney petersen are YOU, of all people, being serious?! i have a huge butt..you know this!! helloo. coach wheeler, squats..i am appalled you have forgotten how large my bum is.

For example: i WOULD be a 25 in jeans. but they won't fit over my but. so i'm a 27. 26 if i'm lucky.

souljane said...

yooo girl.

you're beautful!

where the heck do you live?

ChristineMarie said...

Big booootaay? Ha! Right. Compared to a bumble bee, maybe.

Rasha said...

Bah. i laugh at this post. natalie and big bootay, do not belong in the same sentence.

sarah ann said...

Oh how I love Urban Outfitters. Don't you love the feeling you get when you walk in? You are a doll.

xoxoKrysten said...

Love Urban Outfitters! That place rocks!

Marci Darling said...

You should be the new poster child for UO. seriously.

Alexa Mae said...

you WISH you had a ghetto. girl, you are outta your dang mind. with that being said, you are hilarious and i love you. can't wait to see you are your ghetto on friday. xoxo