You know you're an epic failure when:

1) You'd rather go to the grocery store, come home, and bake instead of reading your LSAT lesson. This is a problem much more deeply rooted than laziness, my friends. And this is my future. I am royally debunked. Phoenix School of Law, I may be coming to you..{no no no that is a joke; Columbia, still expect my attendance. Alrightthanks}.

2) You spill the entire box of baking soda all over the floor whilst baking. Oh, and guess what..recipe doesn't even call for baking soda.

3) All you can think about is which songs will make this week's snowboarding adventure.

4) You give in to the enticements of infomercials. Hairagami. Fifth grade. True story.

5) You get irritated for numbering your list of "epic failures". Good one, Nat. You're just rackin' them up, aren't you? Lol.

7) You decide six is lame. Without six, how are you supposed to celebrate June? Skip to July. Because that's how it works.

10) I just wanted a standard ten-point list.
Life is good, people.

[Miike Snow]


DANICA said...


You are hilarious! I definitely understand about spilling all over the kitchen floor. This is why I don't cook. :-)


Alexa Mae said...

hahaha nat! you are the best. spilt baking soda and it didn't even call for it. MANNNN! well at least there's a birthday celebration in the works!

kelly anne said...

i used to have a hairagami! i thought it was the coolest thing ever. true story. :)

Anonymous said...

hope u feel better hun