I just ate a whole package of Peeps.
{you know, those little marshmallow duck-things}
And by "whole" I mean the whole four that it comes with.
I also just started my reading for an exam that's due by noon.
It's 2:30 am. And I have 35 more pages to go.
For anyone who's taken logic, I'm sure you wholeheartedly agree when I say
"This ish is so dry the Sahara Desert is a waterhole."
Alas, those "35" pages are more like trying to read 35 pages of Isaiah and magically know what he meant.
Unless, of course, you're Nephi, and revel in how plain the words of Isaiah are. Big shot.
Back to reading.
I'll post pictures from Lexi & Chase's shoot later today.

And because I'm nice, I'll leave you with one {or two} right now:




Alexis Crum said...

ah i love these!!!! seriously girl your amazing. thank yoooouuuuuu!!!

Anonymous said...

those r really nice pictures. love the bottom one.


Alexa Mae said...

oh my goodness! they are simply simply darling!!!! and what color were those peeps?

Mrs. Chipps said...

OK.... I have to say that these pictures are the ABSOLUTE BEST PICTURES I HAVE EVER SEEN OF MY BROTHER!!! You have an amazing talent. I am jealous that you get to photograph Lex whenever you want. She's my ideal model.

Marci Darling said...

such beautiful pics!! I hope the test went okay :)

kelly anne said...

hahaha oh isaiah... perhaps back in nephi's day he was easier to understand...

good luck on your test! :)

Brenn said...

Good luck on your test!! Are Lexi and chase engaged? OR is this a just for fun idea?

Alexis Crum said...

For fun! He is leaving on his mission in 2 weeks so a fun little shoot before he leaves!

Amelia Kate said...

Super awesome Natalie!!!!!