Coping With No More Copeland

Tonight I saw Copeland play at The Clubhouse.
And this divine man with heaps of musical talent hugged my life.
And my life was a happy life.

Alas, I shall now fall back into the shadows of twitter-stalking.
T'was a great love affair, kind sir.
You were memorable.

I love you, Aaron Marsh. My heart will be yours forever.

Who loves Copeland? I love Copeland! They're even more amazing live, if I do say so myself.
My favorite song: Control Freak. Go youtube it. Tell me what you think.
{It's their farewell tour :[ Boooo! So sad}


Cambriaaaa said...

So jealous! I wanted to go so bad. And Control Freak is deff my favorite song too.

Anonymous said...

thts cool i'll check them out.


Verity Kae said...

I love Copeland. I'm pretty much obsessed. It's not a big deal :)

jaimie said...

Copeland is amazing totally takes me back to my high school days! you know, because that was sooo long ago....haha :)