..Pop Culture is Gay

I am not the type of person to publicly share my negative feelings about others openly.
And with that preface, what I am about to say will most likely be highly controversial.
So..read at your own disposition. Don't say I didn't warn you.
A couple months back, someone introduced me to that pathetic blog you all know as "Mormon Bachelor Pad".
Well, let me take that back. Initially, I thought it was somewhat amusing.
Rants and thoughts of some anonymous bloggers posing to be 22 year-old return missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,
discussing things girls would not be okay hearing out of a boy's mouth, however revere via the blogspot.
When put that way it actually sounds ridiculous from the get-go.

Long story short, I covenanted, at baptism, to take Christ's name upon me and stand as a witness of Him at all times, and in all things, and in all places.
Reading that particular blog didn't, for me, seem to fit those priorities. So I quietly and politely refrained from reading it, talking about it, or even thinking about it.

Until today.

Someone filled me in on the drama of how "Calvin and Jake were revealed to be 30 year-old once-married, once-divorced men". So I mosied on over to see whattheheck was going on.

Conclusion: Appalling.

I don't even know where to begin.
Again, I am not one to voice my opinions on things like this openly. Over the blogspace for all interwebbers to gawk at.
But really, girls. This is pathetic!

1) Never have I ever thought that "Jake and Calvin" were two 22 year-olds. Who has the time or effort, at 22, to put into living vicariously through a blog? Let's get real, here.

2) Girls..stop, stop, stop! The 200+ comments made me nearly VOMIT! Some girl compared her disappointment of finding out "MBP" was a hoax to leaving the church. Really?! REALLY?!

3) Even if they were 22 year-old RMs, you didn't stand a chance. They had a couple thousand female followers. You were a number. Sorry. Oh they tweeted at you?! LYKE OMGGGGZZ!! Sew kewl1!!1

4) How do you people have time enough to keep up on daily blog-updates from someone you don't even know? I can barely keep up with a weekly-read of my closest friends {Sorry guys!!}.

5) If someone were to treat you the way they treated girls they blogged about, would it be someone you enjoyed and "couldn't get enough of"? Uhh..let's hope not. Yet it's so-freaking-cool to read about, right? Oh..right. Perfectly logical.

6) To all you people, ESPECIALLY you married people, who felt they were somehow justified in being "rated" by two men who run a blog.. please please do yourselves a favor and look yourselves in the mirror and tell yourselves you are beautiful. You do not need a MBP-rating-scale and two men {whether 82 or 22} to say "oh sorry, you're not that cute". If your self-esteem is low to begin with, I'm thinking that's not going to send you out the door with a golden star. Maybe a pat on the bum. In a very sexual internet-predator way. Yeah. I said it.

7) Sending your PHONE NUMBERS and ADDRESSES to people on the INTERNET you DON'T EVEN KNOW?! WHERE is your common sense?!?? Okay..finger off the CAPS button, Nat..

8) I don't care if you think I'm a crazy-beeyatch. This is my blog, I can say what I want.

I think I'm done. For now.


angieinpink said...

100% agreed.
me thoughts extactly.

Natalie said...

Thank goodness someone agrees.

People are crazy. CRAZY, I say.

Jillene said...

I read this! Its been awhile for me but I am ready to get back to the blogging world.

I read MBP once (it was a very long read) and I must agree with you also 100%. I didn't think their attempt to be funny or Gods gift to women was cool at all, and come on Nat-U-Lee you know I am a 46 yr old mormon mom, but you also know that I am pretty cool to the max. Right? hahah and MBP is so NOT cool with me!

Nice post :)

Lovies darlin'<3

Visible Voice said...

Never even read their blog because it looked dumb. Amen.

AUTUMN said...

I LOVE you and could not agree more! Thank you for actually saying it!

Nick & Kristin said...

finally someone hates them as much as I do! To everything you said I wanted to yell "YA!". They suck and I'm glad to find out that they are big fakers. Idiots

Cambriaaaa said...


Casey said...

Natalie I love you and I haven't even met you yet! Seriously you are my type of girl :) I agree with this who post! I enjoy peoples honest opinions, as well, they are much better than fake ones.

It reminds me kind of like celebrities on facebook. All of these people I know add them on facebook and think they are the actual people. Okay yes I am friends with a few celebrities, Michael Grubbs being one of them, that I know are infact run by either the artist themselves or their close production team. However when people find out those celebrities that they were actually able to talk to are fake it makes me laugh how upset they get. Did you actually think Chace Crawford would have time in his day to personally talk to you on facebook but if you walked up to him on the street he would walk right past you?

In otherwords, lets hang out asap. I owe you 2 birthday cupcakes :) or sushi and by sushi I mean chicken and rice :)


Kristina P. said...

I can't believe that this was a surprise to anyone. These guys have been the biggest douchebags in the planet. And yet, they still have their 18 year-old supports, standing by their side.

It's honestly pathetic. They are older than I am, and I'm old!!

Braden said...

How do you people have time enough to keep up on daily blog-updates from someone you don't even know? I can barely keep up with a weekly-read of my closest friends {Sorry guys!!}.

Google Reader.

Connie said...

I never liked those guys either- I always got a weird vibe on their blog. Something about people labeling themselves Mormon and then acting inappropriately and saying things that obviously do not align with the standards of the church- just sort of didn't sit right with me. OK, not "sort of" TOTALLY. Those guys are making a bad name for Mormons and for non-members who know nothing of our beliefs. THey INFURIATE ME TOO! I really could go on...

Connie said...

OH- and when they flirted with certain MARRIED friends... yeah, that made me want to vomit in my mouth. Never said a thing because I didn't want to offend but that was a new low for these guys, in my eyes. (and yes, I saw it happen with more than one married friend)

cris (cristal) said...

power to you hun i read there blog awhile ago and thank God i did not follow. wow wouldnt think of them like that.. and i to was thinking of sending them a picture and see what they rated me ... wat a loser of me i will do as u sed..


Emily said...

Yeah, okay, these guys sound like total tools, but like. Welcome to the internet. Everyone is a tool, and nobody is ever who they say they are. People who are surprised by this information need to chill the hell out.

Alexa Mae said...

divorced? really.
mormon examples? really.
this is crazy and i agree whole heartedly. you rock nat!

Marci Dawn said...

i felt the same way about this blog called the inappropriate bishop higgins. its just weird. the church gets enough scrutiny as it is without the members doing random blogs like that. i would feel like such an idiot if i sent in a picture to them. like gross. 30 year old men lusting after these 17 year olds. naughty naughty

Anonymous said...

I AM who I say I am! We are shocked because mormons have different standards than this... obviously, these guys are all in it to "get gain"

Natalie said...

Yeah. I don't necessarily think they were out to "get gain". Or have any agenda'd vandetta against them. While I don't support or read their blog, it's their readers toward which this post is geared.

They should know better.

Heidi said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

I love you for this.

sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

yeah. seriously. i hardly got through one post of theirs without puking. i could barely even read all of it. and never went back to their blog. but ferr.sure. those guys are stupid.. and so are the girls for pathetically following them and even taking the time to read their BS {bologna sandwich}
express yourself away dear friend. those nasties deserve it.

Britney Jean said...

i TOTALLY agree.

i have never read their blog. not once.

but my mother did tell me some of the horrible things they said on their blog. i was appalled. i agree with you and i love Connie's comment on here. so true.

Anonymous said...

"Who has the time or effort, at 22, to put into living vicariously through a blog? Let's get real, here."

Not sure how you define "living vicariously through" but you update your blog pretty regularly. Not to mention your photo blog, facebook and whatever else you do online. Do you think 20-year-olds have more free time than 22-year-olds?

Also if this post is aimed at readers of this MBP blog, considering the content of this post (ie your opinion of those readers), isn't that kind of an insult to your readers?

And if they hadn't heard of the blog before, they have now. Way to give a blog you hate and despise more publicity.

Erin said...

Woa now...back down Mr. Anonymity...you are super tough hiding behind that protective shield. You say what you want on your blog and get off other peoples backs on theirs.

Hi fives Natalie for having the guts to share your thoughts and opinions. I think the ULTIMATE point here is that there is a lot of crap out there that is disgusting, time-wasting, mind numbing, soul destroying, trash. Captain Anonymous just furthers your already magnificently made argument.

Natalie said...

Anonymous 9:56 PM - Let me clear up your little tiff. I update my photoblog when I do a shoot..so if you checked, that was over a few weeks ago. I can update bookface via the telephonez. Aka when I am walking to class and would rather stare at my phone than the lovely cement. I update my blog, yes. But I don't pretend to be someone else, enabling a assorted variety of readers to gain any intentional pleasure. I blog to get things off my mind. MBP blogs with intended purpose to entertain. I don't disclose my latest sexual encounters, post-date hook-ups, or any of the like kind.

And I was very upfront, stating I probably would offend someone. Again, because I blog for pleasure, I really don't care if someone decides they're going to cease from reading my blog because I don't share the same opinions. Because life goes on.

And thank you for thanking me for the undue publicity. I try my best ;)

Natalie said...

an assorted*

hahaha. yes. i did just do that.

Love Cami. said...

im so happy to say i have no idea what you're talking about.
ps. regardless, i love how honest you are + can we please hang out soon? like tomorrow soon?

Kellie said...

I love you for this! I was amused by their blog at first.. then I just got sick of the things they were saying. And it really does bother me how girls throw themselves all over them. Even after being revealed as 30 somethings! Goodness..

Alexa Dyan said...

This post rules my life.
And the one above it, too.
Go Natalie!

Samantha said...