The Happy Birthday Song

I am twenty. Two-zero. 20.
I need to start saving up: botox, p90x, menopause necessities.
I love my life.
What advice do you have for the old-folk {me}?


[Andrew Bird]


Visible Voice said...

Happy Birthday youngling!

My advice is to stay friends with real oldies like me so we know how to be cool and not enter the "old persons" zone. ;)

I love the 20's...I'm scared to leave it!

Kellie said...

20 is a fun age! I know!
Happy birthday! :-)

Casey said...

my advice is to have as much fun as possible! 20 was one of my best years so far. Oh and to enjoy lots of cupcakes with me just because :) I think a cupcake and photography afternoon is in order for your old self. haha

kelly anne said...

Happy Birthday!

I am also 20 and it is not nearly as painful as I thought it would be... :D

My advice.... hmm... my advice is to just have fun, and do things you love!

Alexa Mae said...

HaPpy BiRthDaY NaTteRs!!

my advice: never grow up.

love you. ♥

cris (cristal) said...

i think u shud go out and celebrate (:


p.s. happy birthday....

angieinpink said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my advice would be to live up your early 20's.....enjoy being miniature.....and just know, life only gets better & better.

Brenn said...

Happy Birthday!! Hahaha, save up for that botox baby, its expensive!! I think the best thing people can remember about getting older is that growing old is mandatory, but growing up is option -- whew!! Have a fantastic birthday!

Erin said...

get laser hair removal now so that you don't turn into one of those ladies with tons of super gross chin or lip hairs.

haha...or you could quit with the old make me feel like I need to rush out and buy a walker.

Erin said...

oh yeah, and celebrate like you are 8 years old and it is the best day ever. Because it is. Happy Birthday!!

Connie said...

Happy Birthday guuurl! I hope it was fanfreakingtastic like you deserve. I just love you!

Rasha said...

Happy birthday, im turning 21... IM OLD