This is my best friend.
Her birthday is just one day before mine.
My birthday is tomorrow {the 23rd}.
Therefore, hers is today.
How's that for some logical reasoning? I've really been practicing hard for the LSAT ;)
21 reasons why Sarah is the best best friend I could ever ask for:
1) She puts up with all my Natalie-ness.
2) She has a stronger testimony than Thomas S. Monson. Not kidding. Okay; maybe they tie.
3) She laughs with me at the word "penis". -insert kindergarten giggle here-
4) She LOVES Twilight. This makes her vulnerable to my relentless attacks at its twi-lameness. What can I say..I like an easy target <3
5) She feeds me cheesecake galloped in caramel sauce almost every time I'm at her I understand if you're disgusted with me when I tell you that I pretty much live there.
6) She is the most selfless person I have ever met.
7) She lets me do her math homework =]
8) She steals me food from Hogwarts. I love all-you-can-eat-for-free buffets.
7) She changes a song when it says something bad.
8) She calls Satan "a rotten tree branch with poo on it and flies".
9) She says "tinkle". I say pee.
10) She is in a manic fit of laughter; everyone else is staring blankly at the screen. Or already stopped reading.
11) She informed me that the first one I posted got deleted. Because blogger is dddduuuuuuummmmbbb!
12) She answers my calls at 3:22 am to listen to me excitedly tell her about my new scripture theory/discovery. Then couples it with her own!
13) She annihilated the Mesa Temple replica I made out of Starbursts. So she rebuilt it. And relocated the visitors center to an even more realistic proximity. Genius.
14) She loves the my body.
15) She also loves the Spirit NOT in my body. They are BSFF, too.
16) She will not be celebrating her 21st birthday with toxic amounts of alcohol. In fact, she will celebrate with no alcohol at all. She will remember her birthday - woo woo!
17) She dresses up in baggy clothes with me to get my hip-hop on in her dormitory hallways.
18) She celebrates fake birthdays with me; just so we can get a WHOLE cake.
19) She encourages and often finances my chocolate cake addiction. Gooooooood Sarah.
20) She never complains. Never. Freaking. Ever.
21) Heavenly Father loves me enough to let me be her best friend. For keeps.

Sorry guys, get your own.

:] Happy birthday, best friend in the whole wide eternities.


Sarah Eileen said...

I love you endofstory.

Kristi Kleisler said...

That was cute! Several of those made me laugh out loud or nod my head in agreement. That there Sarah Biro is an amazing friend! We are so darn lucky!

Marci Darling said...

great list!!!

cris (cristal) said...

u guys r great...


have a great day and gud luk on ur test..

AUTUMN said...

I'm so lame... but that totally got me choked up and wish I had a bestfreindnessship like that! You girls are soo cute!

Connie said...

Happy birthday Sarah! You guys are so cute :D

Alexa Mae said...

HaPpY BirThDay SaRah, you sexy girl you! i loved this nat. you are amazing!


HapPy BiRthdAy To YoU, HaPpy BiRthDay To yoU....i love you so much....HapPy BirThday To You!! (in less than 12 hours)

Britney Jean said...

love love sarah!!

and great post!


p.s. -- happy early birthday.

Kylie said...

so so cute!! happy birthday to both of you :)