Que hora es?

Sometimes I like to think in terms of "what if"..
What if California broke-off and floated in the ocean? {So good for wanting to live in SanFran..}
What if the moon really WAS made out of cheese? Or, better yet, cake?
Then I have the serious ones:

What if statistics didn't suck-so-dang-bad?
What if I was a super-genius? {*cough* Or just Asian}
Lol. Okay, so serious isn't really my mantra.
Guess what? No what if's. Because we work with what we've been given.
If California cracks off the United States, it puts on a big life vest, and chills with Hawaii.
If the moon is cheese, er..cake, we all grab forks and have at it.
If stats sucks we..take it anyway {boooooo!}
If I'm not Asian I simply watch a lot of Jackie Chan movies and study my little hiney off.
It happens. Life happens. And it goes on.


Jill said...

Fun game...
What if we didn't have to wait for bad haircuts to grow out?
I guess life does go on.

Miss Priss Morgan said...

I wish I were asian... they rule in my major.

cris (cristal) said...

....yea it does... and sometimes its hard to work with wat weve got but i think tht its great tht we have ppl tht can help.


p.s. have a great day hun

Kylie said...

um hi natalie!! im kinda new to blogger ha but .. i just thought i'd tell you that your blog is SO cute :) i love it!

Kellie said...

I wouldn't mind if California broke off to go hang with Hawaii.. imagine how much easier it would be to take vacations. We could just swim over.. "Hey, I'm going to Hawaii!"