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Let me know what you thiiiiink. Alright? Alright.
This week, I have a goal. My goal is to STUDY. Great Spring Break goal, huh?
To make it exciting, I will study outside. By the pool.
I devised this concoction of pink lemonade and fresh pomegranate juice - it is beautiful on the taste buds.

What are you doing for break?
P.S Anyone up for a Sprinkles trip on Tuesday? Big blog-outting? Could be fun..
we can celebrate March birthdays. Or, if you're like me, lament them ;)

[Rocket to the Moon]


sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

well, poo. i'm going to thatcher tomorrow. thanks for doing a sprinkles trip without me. :P
good plans though. i have to do the same. :[

Casey said...

I can do a sprinkles trip onnnnn Thursday. pink lemonade and pomegranate juice sounds amazing. I think we need a sprinkles & outdoor adventure, an epic on that would make people jealous with all the lovely pictures we would take :)

BryceandBecca said...
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BryceandBecca said...

how bout you bring some sprinkles to your hair appointment? yes that sounds nice.

Marci Dawn said...

i thought you were going boarding on tuesday...?!

Emily Nicoll said...

Natalie! My birthday is on Wednesday and I am going to Sprinkles for the first time! You have inspired me and now I am obsessed with going!! Yay!

Natalie said...

Marc - boarding switched to Thursday!! I can't miss my LSAT class Tuesday :(

Anonymous said...

the pictures are great very nice.


Brittany said...

yeah for real, my weekend was all studies. so now i'm doing nothing. love it. also love pomegranate and lemonade.

Kari said...

Hey there! I just found your blog and I think you need to know something:

a. You are so PRETTY. OMGoodness, has anyone ever told you have perfect skin? Well, you do! :) I'm jealous.

b. Your blog may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm jealous.

Okay, BYE!

Kellie said...

My goal for spring break will be doing anything BUT studying!

And I squealed a little when you said you're a convert! I LOVE talking and getting the perspective of someone who hasn't been in the church since birth, basically!!

Connie said...

YO those pictures rock my socks! I love everything about them. I love you!

Brenn said...

I'm studying all spring break too!! Unless I can convince someone to roadtrip to Provo with me. Then I'm gonna partyyyy. But mostly I'm gonna study, but I might steal your idea of studying by the pool. Good plan.

PS -- Those pictures of Lexi and Chase are fantastic!! You go girl!

Diana said...

You know what works really good, too?
Lemonade with pomegranate iced cubes! i pour the juice into an ice tray, and then use them as ice cubes with lemonade! try it! :)