West Coast

Sneak peek of what I did yesterday.
Woohoo! Moving on..
2 more exams and my Spring Break will have begun.
Constitutional Law: 91%.
Social Psychology: TBD (this is the class I never attend..)
Logic: TBD
I'll post on the photog site later with edits from this shoot. Bham.

[Coconut Records]


Emily Nicoll said...

beautiful photo shoot! you're so talented!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

my sisty is beeeeeeautiful!

good work nat!

Britney Jean said...

dude...you take gorg pics. i need to have you take some. too bad i can't justify spending money on a photo shoot. bahhhhh.

she's beautiful. seriously. not fair.

Alexa Mae said...

oh she's hot! amazing pics nat!!

kelly anne said...

those are beautiful!

and. i am jealous of her hair. it is awesome.

the end.

Connie said...

i love them! That field is bomb!