Whatever You Like

Today I took Constitutional Law exam numero dos.
Two down, two to go.
AKA I have survived 50% of the semester. Or something justifiable like that.


Today, I treated myself to this utter-most adorable creation:
Shopping at Anthropologie makes me think of how Heavenly Father must have felt
looking at all of his creations on the seventh day..


{Somewhat blasphemous. Sorry.}
Okay. I need a Sprinkles run. This craving has been drawing out for far too long, and cannot bear to go unsatisfied for much longer.

A girl has needs that have to be met, you know? Who's down for a cupcake fest?

[Anya Marina]


Alexa Mae said...

Go Nat on test #2! I love you. And that skirt too. I tried it on also, scooby dooby doo! See you in the morning for some foooood.

Tried to rhyme it out! Love you.

Britney Jean said...

i. love. anthro.

too bad i can't afford it...

Casey said...

I am down for cupcakes!

Connie said...

haha! I am!! totally dowwwwn

I was starting to get worried for you about all that healthy talk in your last post. I love your sudden change of heart (;

Anonymous said...

tht is one sexy skirt right there... but its so expensive :(


kelly anne said...

that skirt is BEAUTIFUL. i love it.

good job on making it through half the class! :)

Vanessa said...

Congrats on being 50% done!
One day I will own things from Anthro... after I win the lotto!
I love cupcakes, please invite me for the feast.

AUTUMN said...

you already know I'm in for a Sprinkles run! Count me in.

AND I totally looked at that skirt last night on Anthro... jealous!

ChristineMarie said...

When I am in Mesa, we will be going to Sprinkles every day. Just so you're aware


sarah ann said...

Anthropologie. Oh, it is just an amazing store with lots and lots of treats that we can wear. Too bad I am too tall for that skirt. I wishhhh. I bet you will look adore in it.

Elie's Papel said...

I love going to Anthropologie too... have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

I think i would be most grateful if you indeed bought me tht same skirt.

Much love,

-greedy millie
(ps im not at my computer so that is why I am taking on the anonymous identity today)

heyhotmess said...

I love love love Whatever you like from Anya Marina. Just went through a HUGE repeat sesh on that song/album. :)