New shoot posted here.

So I've been trying to be healthy..
I'll leave out the background as to's cliche and falls along the lines of "why is this all of a sudden squishy?"..
And in the process, I've decided to stop drinking soda.
It's only of recent digression in which my love-affair with Coke has started.
Well, it was about time I told him we needed to part ways.
However, today I got sappy.
I craved the love and affection he used to offer me..
and I caved.
Kind of.

Coke zero.

The saying goes "it's never good the first time"..
Well, it sucked equally much the second, and the third..
four sips and I was done.

Taste buds: annihilated.
Back to dihydrogen monoxide {h2o} for me.


Marci Darling said...

MMM..Im a fan of coke zero. But maybe I'm just crazy. I too have been eating healthier...and its been lots and lots of water. But sometimes I like to disguise it with a crystal light to-go pack!

Anonymous said...

cute picture (:


Britney Jean said...

since when do YOU drink soda?

i don't think i've like EVER seen you drink soda?


Vanessa said...

Coke zero is sicknast. Water is the way to go. Love me some h2o

sarah ann said...

I have not yet tasted coke zero. Lame, I know. You go girl!

Connie said...

great job on that shoot, natalie! I'm stoked to see your pretty face tomorrow! woot!