Yesterday was One Day Without Shoes, sponsored by the one-and-only TOMS.
{click on links to read about the event and purchase a pair of your own}
I had school today, so walking around barefoot at ASU is just asking to contract some sickgnar disease.
And my health needs to be on its a-game for Ecuador :)
Point being, I wore my TOMS to school. Every time I walked by someone who was barefoot they smiled at me and yelled "TOMS!!".
It looked like I had a lot of friends. I feel for Brangelina.
For every pair you buy, the company sends a pair to children in impoverished nations.
So. Get clickin' and go buy some.

My next victims: Red.
Or black. Or grey. Erp. Help?


*Mars* said...

Yeah, walking around ASU barefoot doesn't exactly sounds safe. And um hi I love the white ones! RED!

brooke said...

yes! i loved yesterday! i'll have to write about my experience myself :). There's a DUPER cute new pair they just came out with at Nordstrom, purplish, and they just came out with a new style. But you can't get any better than good ol original TOMS. Love it!

marcinielson said...

barefoot in the mall, campus, and dance concert. awesome. ps. i own red, grey, and black. reds are my current favorite.

jaimie said...

i am obsessed with these. i think i'm gonna have to get another pair too....hmm so many choices!

Connie said...

RED! No gray! I think I might go gray... that's so fun, I didn't even know about that...

Casey said...