Things I accomplished today that I can now cross-off my bucket list:

{One} Got hit by a car in a parking lot. More so of a nudge; but for pity-sake, I will call it "hit". Sounds more dramatic.

{Two} Withstood the urge to stab my pencil into someone's eyeball while testing. It's really unnerving to listen to someone pounding on sheet metal for a straight 3.46 hours of LSAT-ing.

{Three}Realized I am now a COLLEGE SENIOR. This realization only hits once. And BAM! It hit :)

{Four} Went to a bar on Mill and got in. Reminder: I'm 20. We drank Shirley Temples out of those cool fish-bowl glasses they serve some sicknast alcky-hawl in. But grenadine + Sprite > boozefest in a bowl. I think the guys who carded felt bad that on a Friday night we had nothing else to do other than ask where we could get non-alcoholic drinks. :)

{Five} Started a 2,000 piece puzzle - to be continued tomorrow night. It is an original, painted by my good friend Leo(nardo Da Vinci). It's the Last Supper. And I'm putting it together with my Jewish friend. We call him Jewsus. OY!

{Six} Listened to Tim McGraw on repeat for a straight succession of 5 hours. Heard his new song "Still" in the car on the way home this morning. I now know every word. And guitar riff. And drum beat.

{Seven} Got to socialize with Mr. Policeman who showed up at my doorstep at 2:03 AM. Lots of blackmail and free back massages for older sister, Natalie. {Haha jk. Sort of}.
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ChristineMarie said...

Please stop being so cool. I'm having a hard time containing my awe.


Kate said...

I experienced {Three} last week. You're right; it was BAM!