I have this problem..

I believe they call this glucozophrenia.

Yes, something of that likening.

{I hear't..stop}

Homemade oreos, ladies and gents'.
Super fast. Super easy. Super yum-yum.

*I took the lazy way out, and used store-bought frosting. I was too tired to make some. Forgive me; it is aesthetically unpleasing to the tummy-eye.


Melissa said...

mm those cookies looks good!
your blog is cute btw. :)

Brie said...

without me??! the nerve.

Clark said...

no recipe??!!

Britney Jean said...

and you didn't bring your pregnant bff any??! that is a sin my dearest natalie.

homemade oreos are ZEEEEEE best.

we need to do lunch. or sprinkles. or something. and soon. :)

Rasha said...

yummm. i want someeee

and eww why are you taking advange stats?

☂niki said...

those sound so delicious right about now!

Alexa Mae said...

Super duper my fave!!! I heart you. Bring me some of those cookies. xoxo

The Childlike empress said...

i think i have that sugar problem too!
Home made oreo cookies...thats amazing!

Emily Sue said...

oh my gosh surgar speaks to me too... it's creepy... but, so delicious at the same time! mm.

Jamie Goodyear said...

Excellent photo cookie-story boards! I want to try & make some home made oreos now :)