In the times where patience is most beneficial, I find it a difficult and daunting task.
Often times I fall short of what is expected of me.
I easily slip into embracing feelings of inadequacy - of feeling as though I can't measure up.

But it's all soothed with a bittersweet cacophony; I don't want to be perfect.
Perfection requires attention to consequences.
It inhibits the freedom to deviate along the way,
the freedom to learn for yourself what truly brings you happiness.

Thus, in all of my impatient selfishness, I can't say I can complain with the direction in which my life is headed.
No, sir.


Brittany said...

really really love this. and feel the same some days.

Alexa Mae said...

LOVE this picture! and love your words. you are wise beyond your years my friend!

Connie said...

This picture slays me