I am 95 minutes into today, and it's already been interesting.
Life is unpredictable, my friends.
50 more pages to read for a final at 9:50 am
My final final, if that has a a more positive connotation on the day's events.
California update to come.


Alexa Mae said...

good luck my little genius!! you will ace this bad boy. no more A-! love ya!! let's get together please.

i love your new shots. {and your outfit}

Connie said...

I love the Etnies and purple skinnies. Haha! Oh Etnies... that's all I used to wear, can you believe that!? :p

sarah ann said...

Okay, that picture down thuuurrr (last post), is flippin adorable.

kelly anne said...

i LOVE that picture! so cool!

i hope you did well on your final final! yay freedom!