Today, the innovative question came to me, while in deep pontification:
Can balloons be filled up with whipped cream?

Alas..we tried.
Null Hypothesis: There will be no change in the balloon.
Alternative Hypothesis: Balloon will, indeed, fill up with whipped cream.

Experimental Set-up:
Whipped cream was taken immediately from refrigerator, stuffed into balloon, shaken approximately three times, and the dispense nozzle was pressed.
The whipped cream exited the can, however did not exert enough pressure to expand the balloon on its own.

Reject the alternative hypothesis.

But no worries. We adjusted our initial conditions:

Let me explain what resulted..

Why, a whipped-cream fight, of course.
Which later involved the hose..

And no, simply being in possession of my DSLR was not inherent exclusion from the madness. In fact, my poor baby got some whipped cream all over her LCD screen..KRISTI! :)

Yay, balloons!

And then I drew on Kristi's wall..
with permanent markers.

Correction: graffiti'd. Because I like to do hood-rat things with mah freeenz.


☂niki said...

you cute, spontaneous girl! looks like fun.

ps. you don't need any help picking out your do just fine on your own;) love the shirt you're wearing in the post just below.

Visible Voice said...

I just like Kristi's name. Because it's my name AND it's spelled the same. Never happens.

kalie brynn. said...

So I am a new follower of your blog, like super new...a couple of minutes actually. And I really really love this! You have inspired me.

Furthermore, I see in the post below that you share the same despise for Twilight that I do...And I knew it was fate. I was meant to find your blog. Have a great day!


brooke said...

wow! thats kind of amazing!