Sarah is on my bed reading Twi-vomit.
By which I mean Twilight.
By which, again, I mean Eclipse.

Excuse the mumbo-jumbo and lackadaisical attitude. You all know my feelings on Stephanie Oscar-Meyer-Wiener.

In case you're not catching the subtle sarcasm:
Natalie Wall is not a fan.
The spell-check just informed me I spelled "wiener" wrong.
I am trying to muffle my laughter so that Sarah can read.
Third grade immaturity? Guess so.

Really..that is such an ugly word..
But I guess its alternative isn't any prettier.


angieinpink said...

i love the word lackadaisical.

you're adorable.

A Beautiful Day To Be Alive said...

As of 2 seconds ago, I am an official follower of your blog. You are adorable. And I agree. Twilight is less literacily advanced then the mouse and the cookie books. Of COURSE he's gonna ask for a glass of milk. I could have told you that

Rasha said...

you're too funny.. haha.

Connie said...

bahaha! I love all this about you (:

Alexa Mae said...

hahahhaaa you kill me. i love you!