Photos: here.
School status: 2 classes down, 4 to go.
LSAT status: In serious jeopardy, due to the fact that all of my time has been invested in living through finals. Merph.
Sleep status: depleted.
Photography status: CAUGHT UP ON EDITING. This is a first. Congratulations, Natalie - your priorities apparently suck if this is the only thing you're caught up on ;)
Music status: Now listening: "It's Gonna Be A Long Walk" - Apparat
FunnyAwkward story of the day:
I was at Nordstrom today and heard an odd noise. Squee's of excitement. Incessantly. Every 43 seconds, or so. I looked over, expecting to see an adorable three year-old playing by the clothes rack. I guess you'll understand my disappointment when I tell you that it was an old woman. Still can't figure it out...

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Britney Jean said...

hahahaha i wish i could have seen the old lady. wowwwww.