It's probably not a good thing when I can't concentrate on Constitutional Law because all
I can think about is how tomorrow I will be in California.
No, not good at all.
Dear Lecksa,
I miss you too, wife.
Love, Husband
Dear Mexi-Cali,
Tomorrow, I will be avoiding your territory like the plague.
That is super sketch-bomb.
Love, Natalie
Dear Campus Rail Jam,
Why you gotta' be so good?
Love, Natalie
Dear Psychology Professor,
Maybe you should have informed us of the typing error on the syllabus in which you
implied a test grade was dropped BEFORE three out of the four
tests had been completed; just a thought.
Love, Natalie
Dear Verizon,
Our love-hate relationship is on the dark side of the moon
at this point in time.
Love, Natalie
Dear LSAT,
Reading comprehension should be punched in the nose.
Love, Natalie
Dear heavens above,
Please oh please, I ask of thee, get me through
finals. I'm sorry for swimming in the fountains outside the temple.
Love, Natalie


Alexa Mae said...

Aww Natty poo. We need to get together very soon and eat chips and dip! Haha love ya girl! You're amazing.

Sarah Eileen said...

im not on the list :(

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

hahahaha! Oh you make me laugh out loud. The fountains at the Temple huh?