I just realized there are crumbs stuck in the keys of my laptop..
I guess that's what I get for the countless months of multitasking homework with dinner.
I really want rain boots. Bright yellow ones. Anyone know where I can get some?


Mary Cee said...

I've got plenty of crumbs stuck in the keys of my laptop from countless nights of dinner and homework.
And I've also wanted a good pair of rain boots for quite a while! I'm thinking about getting this pair in blue once I have some money I can spend!


Eeny said...

Oh those crumbs, they get about everywhere =) At my university we have the "old" Apple keybords (the ones with the see-through bottom) and there are more crumbs in them than in a bread basket.

For the rain boots... check out Target, they have some yellow ones for 20 bucks I think.

Britney Jean said...

bahahaha at least you don't have crumbs stuck between your boobs just about every day. aha.

cris (cristal) said...

u luk so cute (:


Alexa Mae said...

hahahahaha! welllll...stop being so smart. you are adorable my friend. can't wait to see you.

target has the best rain boots right now! they have a whole isle dedicated to them. i bet you'll even end up getting the LIBERTY ones i almost got. they are sooo cute.

Cambriaaaa said...

Hunter Boots. So CUTE!

Vanessa said...

you are adorable. That is all.