It's been Wednesday for four minutes and I'm already on melt-down mode.
Each new day means one day closer to the day I don't (nor believe I will ever) feel adequately prepared for.
It's really getting to me, lately.
Test after test, and still..confined within scores barely pushing the limits of something I could
consider progress.

I really shouldn't complain. It's unhealthy. Just had to get that out.

New shoot posted here.

*1:12AM inspired addition: I have been doing notes on my Ensign talks I've been reading nightly, if anyone wants copies or would like to trade, please email me. I'd love to learn from you all, and hopefully you could take something from what I've learned. Communal exchange of information :)


Connie said...

If Elle Woods can do it- you can do it! haha jk I realize she is a fictional character. I can't wait to see how it goes (:

Kellie said...

I've been reading the Ensign talks for general conference too. But I'm juggling it with reading the BoM!

Britney Jean said...

i love my daily Ensign studies...though i don't usually have much time to get through more than a talk a day. slow pace...hahaha

Verity Kae said...

Dear Lover,

I have an almighty courage for you and this gnarly exam coming up! You'll do stupendously on that bad boy!!! Don't stress! I saw a Sprinkles today and thought of you.


ChristineMarie said...

Uhmm. Natalie. Your brain is more filled with knowledge than zebra cakes are filled with sugar and fat. And we both know how much that is
Love you. You will be amazing. Columbia, here you come!