California was amazing.
For starters, you will all be very proud of me. I only got lost once, on our way back to our hotel Friday night. It was late. I was tired. And cold. And grumpy..blah blah blah.

Memorable incidents worth expounding on at a later time:
1) We got a noise complaint. Apparently listening to Usher at 1am isn't polite to other guests.
2) Subsequently, Erika and I were yelled at by Sammi for being to loud while she was trying to sleep :)
3) I laughed so hard my voice is now raspy.
4) Our shower turned black - don't let a bunch of homeless roadies shower in your room ;)
5) We made the front page of the paper after being in California for a total of 48 hours. HAHA.
6) I rocked a fedora so I wouldn't have to do my hair.
7) Erika made us leave early Saturday morning, bypassing the beach, so she could make it to her class that evening. Turns out her class was that morning. Go figure.
8) I postponed studying for a final longer than necessary/beneficial.
9) Erika hung out with the Huxtables.
10) We drove past Ra and I about had a heart attack. Only to find out that's not the sushi place they were going to. Boo.
11) Bought a $40 long-sleeved shirt at the beginning of the AZ summer. But hey, I got to wear it once! :)

Finals are OVER!!!!!!
School is out.
LSAT time.
Vacation time.
Summer school time.
Lake time.
Ecuador time.

What are your summer plans?


Anonymous said...

glad u had fun.

summer plans hmm maybe chicago or mexico or florida.. cant decide.


Vanessa said...

That photo is gorgeous! I'm jealous, I'd love to go to Cali, it is my fav!