I need a good/easy lasagna recipe.
As well as a lemon meringue pie recipe.
I'm in charge of dinner/dessert for a very fancy peoples of whom I love dearly :)
Thank you.
I love Sundays.
Loathe Mondays.
Indifferent about Tuesdays.
Anxious for Wednesdays.
Tired by Thursdays.
Bored by Fridays.
Adventurous on Saturdays.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Happy day, dear world.
Tell me something bright and cheery! :)


The Childlike empress said...

i love your descriptions of the days of the week....its so true!

Anonymous said...

i have the best lasagna recipe ever. go to your local grocer. walk down the frozen food isle, where the pizzas, burros, etc. reside. and find yourself the party size, meat and cheese lasagna--made by stouffer's! seriously the yummiest lasagna around.. tell them you made it and they'll believe you. i did that to my husband the first time i had him over for dinner and he totally believed me :)

Braden said...

I'll hook you up with my stepmum's lasagna recipe; it's killer. I expect my wife will have a good lemon meringue, too.

kelly anne said...

haha that's exactly how i feel about the days of the week too...

Summer said...

You can find BOTH of those easy recipes in our cookbook! Do you have one? LMK I have extra.