This is my 308th post.
Random fact of the day.

I also break dance in my spare time.
Actually, that is not a fact, that is a fallacy.
I do, however, pretend to do such. In front of a camera, at least.
Sometimes I feel cool.
Usually only in images that freeze that one millisecond in which you've reached ultimate awesomeness.
Which is then quickly vanquished the second you open your mouth and continue on with life.


PS the soup-on-keyboard disaster has left my "u" key obstructed. Please excuse me if there are any u's missing in my words. It's a pity.


Alexa Mae said...

that picture is AHHH-MAZING!! love it and you. i would have believed you if you said you break dance. but then i would have made you break dance in front of me. so i would have had the last laugh.


☂niki said...

so impressed.

Connie said...

You are tha coolest.

But hAY! What's with the "BAHA" that was a serious post! DId I look like a freeeak? (seriously did I? I'm self conscious about it...)

Braden said...

This is Valerie. Just went through your photography site. Love your pictures. Really great stuff.

nadia shea said...

Brian speaks the world of you. Let's be friends :]

Mauri said...

Sweet picture!

Anonymous said...

narcissistic personality 
–noun Psychiatry .
a personality disorder characterized by extreme self-centeredness and self-absorption, fantasies involving unrealistic goals, an excessive need for attention and admiration, and disturbed interpersonal relationships.

Natalie said...

Unrealistic goals, eh? Hahaha. You know me so well, it hurts.

Jake & Bryton said...

holla. what a picture. i'm thinking i might want that on my wall...or maybe i should just learn how to do that!