Saturday - Two

This is the text-conversation I had while at traffic school today:

Dad: "Hey what's up?"
Me: "Nothing. You?"
Dad: "Taking kids to sew"
Me: "Sew? Sew what? Haha that sounds funny, say it out loud!"
Dad: "Taking kids to see Toy Story 3 =D"
Me: "NOT COOL. I think I'm going to see a movie tonight after traffic school. Eight hours..boring!"
Dad: "Got a new phone. Fast."
Dad: "Can out text you."
Dad: "Told you so."
Dad: "Eat my dust"
Dad: "Six to your one"
Dad: " :'( "
Dad: " :& "
Me: "You are crazzzzzyy <}}}}>< * "

Moral of the story - Parents and technology is a scary thing; especially when they start whipping out the emoticons..

My dad is the best.
Happy Father's Day, pops!

*It's supposed to be a fish; haha.


jugglerchic said...

I wish I had a Dad that cool!

Marci Dawn said...

you are soo cute. your dad sounds hilarious. aren't they the best. :)

Alexa Mae said...

happy fathers day to one amazing dad!! xoxo

jaimie said...

okay i had to laugh at this because it sounds exactly like a convo i would have over text with my dad!

Nick & Kristin said...

haha parents are so funny about texting. I found a text in my mom's phone that was a year old unopened...geesh.
it's a fish! haha I can see it now :)

cris (cristal) said...

hahah pretty cul u and ur dad. me and mine r like tht too.